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About us

Dear visitors! The building company "Pushchin House" is glad to see you on pages of our web site.

This web site is created for those, who wish to live in the 21 century in ecological wooden log homes. Log home is the best choice for living nowadays. Comparing to other materials, wood is created with love by mother nature. In no other house, but in a wooden one, you can sleep so well. Wood provides a good air interchange, even with the windows shut, for it is a natural air-condition.

Our firm "Pushchin House" manufactures ecological hand-made wooden log homes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We have been manufacturing log houses for more than 10 years, we are the trailbreakers in building timber houses in Moscow. A log house, as we consider, should be convenient, beautiful, enduring and in the course of time increase in its value. Our practice has shown that building such a house is more than just a dream.

The building company "Pushchin House" designs and manufactures handcrafted log shells of wooden houses with the subsequent installation of it on the territory of customer. Our company possesses its own production site and an architectural workshop.

Our specialization

The basic specialization of our company is designing and manufacturing of small wooden houses, as well as the big wooden dwellings of more than 1000 square meters.

Each log home can be built according to an individual project, from wood of coniferous breeds (a pine, a fur-tree, a larch), maintaining the highest standarts of quality of production.

We build, deliver and assemble handcrafted wooden shells, using 2 classical profiles of logs: Norwegian oval-flatten ("lafet") and Russian round logs.

In the Russian market we are ready to build houses "on a turn-key", including base building, roof erection, internal furnish of the house and making of engineering communications.

At any convenient time we invite you to visit our production site, where you can see the manufacturing process of a wooden shell, as well as the ready-built houses and receive a detailed information about our company. If you are interested in our products we will send you all the necessary information about our projects or will help to develop your individual project. We are convinced that cooperation with our company is the most reliable and profitable proposition for you.

We invite dealers from various regions of Europe to cooperation.

Stages of designing and project development

When our clients come to a decision of building a log house 90% of them want to get their 'Dream house'. But can one dream of a sample house? Definitely not! "Dream house" should be handcrafted log by log, expressing every particular wish of the customer. In this way we can create a unique harmony with Nature. Health, comfort and peaceful atmosphere are the attributes of these houses. We create an individual project according to your own needs,desires,hobbies and make your Dream come true.

At the same time all of our ready-built houses are so well-thought-out, that many of our clients settle upon them, without any modifications being made.

Have you decided what your future house should look like? If no, our architect will help you to choose among the majority of standard projects or develop an individual one for you. Description of stages of project development will help you to get the full understandment of this process.

Defining personal requirements

First stage is a summary of personal requirements and needs of a client. General information about the house is discussed with a client, which includes number of rooms, levels, ceiling heights, presence of a terrace, closet and other details. After that a square footage of a future house is calculated.

Besides, an architectural style of a future house is determined-Swiss cottage, contemporary house, Finnish or Russian styles. The information about hobbies and personal interests is also very significant on this stage of designing. Possessing such knowledge an architect tries on a role of the master of a house and suggests his own ideas. For instance, winter garden for a flower lover, a trophy room for a hunter.

Location of a house on a lot

Style and size of a future house depend a lot on a premise, where it will be built. On the narrow piece of ground an elongated form of a house is preferrable than a square one. On a smaller piece of land a two-storeyed house with a minor construction footprint would look better, than a large one-storeyed house.

Cardinal direction is also taken into account while working out a project. Bedrooms are usually placed on the eastern side to enjoy the beams of rising sun when you wake up. Living room is located on the South-West, and then it is illuminated by the sunset in the evening. However each person chooses what is convenient and good for him and your personal wishes is the first criteria for us while working on the project.

Working out a sketch plan

Once the previous sections are completed, including defining requirements, describing site conditions, square footage calculations, establishing exterior style a sketch plan is elaborated, that meet your specific needs. A sketch plan is then approved by a client and final minor changes are made. A sketch plan will give you an idea of how your future house looks like. When the sketch plan is agreed upon with the client, architect begins with the house construction. An architect elaborately works out the construction of a building, taking into account load disribituion on the supporting parts, shrinking of the logs and other factors.