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Puschin Haus

Dear visitors! The building company "Pushchin House" is glad to see you on pages of our web site.

This web site is created for those, who wish to live in the 21 century in ecological wooden log homes. Log home is the best choice for living nowadays. Comparing to other materials, wood is created with love by mother nature. In no other house, but in a wooden one, you can sleep so well. Wood provides a good air interchange, even with the windows shut, for it is a natural air-condition.

Our firm "Pushchin House" manufactures ecological hand-made wooden log homes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We have been manufacturing log houses for more than 25 years, we are the trailbreakers in building timber houses in Moscow. A log house, as we consider, should be convenient, beautiful, enduring and in the course of time increase in its value. Our practice has shown that building such a house is more than just a dream.

The building company "Pushchin House" designs and manufactures handcrafted log shells of wooden houses with the subsequent installation of it on the territory of customer. Our company possesses its own production site and an architectural workshop.