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Our advantages

The reasons for cooperation with us:

1. Health

Wooden houses cause beneficial influence on your state of health and mood. The air in wooden houses is impregnated by cleanliness, freshness and lightness. It is absolutely other, rather than in houses from a stone or concrete. It becomes clear at once as soon as you enter into the wooden house.

Wood creates an ideal climate in the house. In a warm season in a wooden house it is pleasantly cool, and in cold – you can feel cozy soft heat. Humidity of the air in the wooden house is comfortable for your body and breath. You easily fall asleep and wake up in good mood and refreshed.

2. High quality of wood.

Walls of our houses are made of a high-quality Karelian pine. In our company you can also order the house from the Siberian cedar or a larch.

3. Highly skilled experts.

All employees of our company work for us many years. They are real masters of their business. Building of any object is supervised by the skilled manufacturer from our company.

4. Our big capacities.

We have big capacities and we have possibility to offer manufacturing and building several wooden houses at one time.

5. All in one hands.

We offer you the complex decision: from designing of the house to its full building on your earth.

6. Happy clients.

Your desires for us are always priority, therefore we have deserved set of positive feedbacks from our clients.

7. Individual design.

You can stop on individual designing. Our architect has experience in area of individual designing of wooden houses more than 20 years. He will create for you a really exclusive house which will be unique.

8. The prices.

As we both design,make project and build your house, you receive the best prices, without overpaying to intermediaries.

9. Technologies.

Your house will be made in Norwegian or Canadian technology which advantage is the absence of additional expenses connected with exploitation of the house during the whole period of its further life. Your house will be warm, beautiful; will serve you regularly many years.

10. Our guarantees.

We give the raised guarantees for all our works because we are assured of their quality.

11. Firm history.

We are engaged in this business for more than 25 years already, because WE LOVE IT!