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Is it true, that houses made of wood are ecologically clean?

The term 'ecofriendly dwelling' has appeared quite recently. Its appeared during the city building boom in the second half of the 20 th century. Exactly at this period people,who lived in the cities began thinking about the advantages of a dwelling,built from natural materials. And it was due to the ecological situation, which worsens day by day.

Wooden house is definitely an ecofriendly dwelling. Firstly,wooden houses are situated in the country. Secondly, they are built of a natural, ecologically clean material-wood.

In the country it is pristine

In fact everyone,who has been out in the country at least once, knows about that. A striking contrast between the atosphere in the city and one in the village is caused by the never ending urban life. Every day the amount of cars increases,new factories and plants grow like mushrooms, green areas disappear. All these factors lead to geradual worsening of an ecological situation in the city.

In the country,on the contrary, tranquility and peace prevail. There's almost no plants, less cars, and the air is cleaner. The ideal conditions are created for a family vacation as well as for the full-time residence. It is there, in the pristine environment of a country area, where wooden houses are built, which gives a great advantage for such a type of dwelling.

Wood is healthy

Compared to brick houses, which are neutral for the human health, wooden homes have a beneficial effect to one's well-being and mood. Even the air in a wooden house differs greatly from the air in a brick house: it is clean, fresh and gentle. This can be felt easily, once you get into a wooden house. Besides, wood is a natural heater and conditioneer. During hot weather wood refreshes the atmosphere, during cold weahter it keeps warmth. Therefore wooden houses preserve the microclimate which is maximum beneficial for the human health. One weekend spent in a wooden house is enough to prove it.